Policies & Procedures

Buying with RSA

  • Dealer Buy Fee $295
  • Purchase inventory from RSA either online and/or by attending one of our weekly sales. 
  • RSA and Manheim will arrange transportation of unless notified by buyer.  Transportation charges are based on time and distance. 
  • Once vehicle is delivered, buyer has 3 business days after delivery to inspect the vehicle, accept the vehicle and/or arbitrate the vehicle.
  • To arbitrate a vehicle, contact our RSA office and/or contact your RSA Account Rep.
  • Upon buying dealers approval, arrange payment with the facilitating auction within 5 calendar days of acceptance.  The facilitating auction address can be found at the bottom left hand corner of your sale disposition.

Selling with RSA

  • Dealer Sell Fee $295
  • No Consignment Fee
  • No Rerun Fee
  • No "No Sale" Fee
  • No "Out of Stock/Retail"
  • Fax your booksheets to  1.800.390.9060 with your reserve(s) price(s), color(s), picture(s) and/or any pertinent disclosures.  RSA will pull pics from dealership website if unit is online.
  •  Attend a sale, join us online and/or have your RSA Account Rep help you represent a vehicle and get it sold Once unit sells, remove off frontline and have available/ready to be picked up and transported to buyer. Once vehicle is delivered to the buyer, buyer has 3 business days after delivery to inspect the unit, accept the unit and/or arbitrate the unit.
  • Upon approval, send title to the facilitating auction.  Once approved by buying dealer and the deal has been entered/processed in the facilitating auction system, the facilitating auction will process the title within 72 hours and will send payment per dealership marked preferences.  


  • All buyers and sellers  must be in good standing condition with Auction Access and Manheim Auctions.  Don't forget to login to your Manheim.com account to view your dealership activity.
  • All vehicles are frontline ready unless otherwise noted.  Anything that affects the retail sale must be disclosed.  Normal wear and tear is to be expected.
  • Vehicle must have current smog and safety certifications
  • Vehicle must have a clean Carfax and AutoCheck
  • Vehicle is fully reconditioned
  • Vehicle has a minimum of 4mm on brakes
  • Vehicle has a minimum of 4/32 or better on tires
  • Vehicle does not have excessive body damage or paintwork (2 panels or more painted must be announced, not including bumpers)
  • If a vehicle is inaccurately represented when sold, it can be open to an adjustment or unwind.
  • Both buyer and seller will receive sale dispositions via email.  It is the responsibility of either party to contact RSA if not received.
  • Manheim will process all transactions, below are the facilitating locations.
    • Manheim Central California  (278 N. Marks Avenue, Fresno CA 93706; Tel:  559.268.8051)
    • Manheim San Francisco Bay (29900 Auction Way, Hayward, CA  94544;  Tel:  510.786.4500)
    • Manheim Riverside (6446 Fremont Street, Riverside, CA  92504; Tel:  951.689.6000)
  • Checks and titles may also be processed at any other Manheim enhanced location.
  • RSA will not be responsible for any checks and/or titles.


  • Please email, text or fax in the arbitration.
  • Adjustments may be made to the final sales price
  • If the sale is unwound the seller is responsible for all transportation costs
  • $400 mechanical arbitration deductible that the buyer is responsible for

Maximum for Arbitration

  • $300 paint per panel
  • $225 per axle for brakes/rotors
  • $150 per tire each
  • $150 per bumper
  • $150 windshield
  • $0 on maintenance items


  • RSA and Manheim will arrange transportation unless notified by buyer
  • Transportation charges are based on time and distance
  • Transportation fees are the responsibility of the buyer, unless vehicle is an unwind and at that point the seller will be responsible for ALL transportation fees
  • For more information or further assistance contact Terra Scalise, RSA Operations/Transport Manager at 559.573.7619.